Thursday, 29 March 2012

Day two - Easter break

I'm not going to document each day of the Easter break! That would drive me crazy. Just a  day or two..or three.

I'm still unwell. I can't pinpoint it, I'm just feeling ill. No cold anymore, no cough or fever...just a general feeling, all in the head area mainly, feeling unwell, a dull pain in the face, nauseous with a bit of a metallic taste. Any ideas?

Another bright day, had a quick shower and took Tara for a short drive to fill the car up with fuel. It was mayhem, with the traffic and queues and to cut a long story short I had to come back with no fuel. I still have half a tank and I don't plan to drive great lengths anyway, so it should be okay. Tara offered me plenty of solutions including digging a hole in the ground and finding our own fuel. I wish..

Back home, we had lunch outdoors after a good game of hide and seek with a neighbour's cat. It was more fun than it sounded..seriously. Then a trip to the playground and the all important ice cream. Back home, we did a bit of school work on the computer and a half hour of computer games. A quick bath, then dinner and 1 hour to go till bedtime..

If it wasn't for this nausea and headache I could have actually said I enjoyed today.

Tara has been very good except during bath time when she is whining a lot lately. I think I figured out what's going on. I think the power shower head might be making the washing down of soapy water a bit uncomfortable for Tara. "DUH!" I hear people shout...she is a little girl with tender skin, I should have thought of that before! But I hadn't. So I filled up a bucket of water and bathed her with a beaker, and she seemed fine after that.

Live and learn...

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