Tuesday, 6 March 2012

To ask or not to ask

I am a Reiki channel. Probably the most sceptical Reiki channel around, who is also a curious, questioning doubting human being, who has limited understanding of so many things. It's a good job that Reiki works without the need for belief . It's like putting a plug in a socket. Once you put the plug in and turn the switch on, power will flow whether you want it to or not. The channel simply facilitates the energy to flow from the Source to the Destination. I am not a Healer, I am only a means for healing. Of course being positive helps. Even the scientific community agrees that a positive attitude can work wonders.

The fundamental premise of Reiki is to live in a state of gratitude. Reiki also encourages me to ask for anything, but not expect results. Reiki assures me that whatever I desire will come to me in abundance, but only if it is in my best interest. Letting go of expectation, all the while asking for everything is very, very difficult. It's been many years and I'm still grappling with this, all the while pursuing my commitment to Reiki.

How do you explain to someone who approaches you with tremendous expectation, for sometimes desperate circumstances, spending time and resources, that maybe at the end of the Reiki session they may not get their desired result? How do you tell someone to submit completely, let the energy flow through them, advise them to ask for their deepest held desires, and expect then to just walk away feeling real gratitude at receiving Reiki whatever the outcome? It is a very big leap of faith. I took this leap of faith and do really practice living in gratitude. I however have a big block when it comes to asking.

Why is it so difficult to ask? Is it our ego or a sense of pride? At work we put our heads down and expect our results to 'speak for themselves.' Then we wonder why someone else who is not as deserving gets that promotion or walks away with the accolades.

Does asking make us feel inferior? How many relationships have withered away because one person expects the other to know what they want. We expect our partner to demonstrate how they give us what we want without even asking! What does that achieve besides showing off to others how much 'in tune' or 'in love' we are with our other halves. It would take so much pressure off relationships if we just ask instead of assume.

Theories are easy to share. Putting them in practice is not.

I know. I'm still trying

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