Monday, 12 March 2012

Ideas, ideas and more ideas.

Isn't it amazing that a child with a reasonable collection of toys wants nothing to do with them, just when you need her to play with them the most?

I can't wait for today to end. I know I don't sound like Warrior-Mum, but I had a bad night with Tara tossing and yelling with a blocked nose. Worse than that, my neck muscles have seized up or whatever you call it, and I'm in a lot of pain. Oh yes, there is my sore throat too. Bad timing.

I would have resorted to the TV or computer, but since Tara had been complaining of headaches earlier, I didn't want to go down that road when I'd kept her off school to rest. The good news is that since she woke up this morning, there were no more complaints of body ache or headache. The bad news was that she didn't want to play with any of her usual toys; and the sun refused to shine forcing us to stay indoors. If she did pick a toy, there was no chance of self play today. I was expected to participate fully in all manner of play, including talking in squeaky voices, and making toys/dolls hop around the room being part of bizarre adventures. My neck is really killing me so I need to think fast.

So first I sat her down on her desk to do a bit of school work. She agreed after I promised her some fun afterwards. Think, think, think. I have to come up with ideas. Tara finished her work with remarkable speed compared to her usual standards.

I had loads of papers to file, so I decided on 'new fun activity no. 1'. I asked Tara to punch holes in some papers while I filed them. This way my participation would result in something being achieved. Tara took to it like duck to water and we punched lots of holes for a long time....on all four sides on some papers too. Not sure if The Husband will appreciate that, but it's a risk I'm prepared to take. It was going exceedingly well but all good things come to an end.

So I moved on to 'new fun activity no. 2'. I had a pile of papers to shred. Yes I am one of those people who worries that strange folk may rifle through my bins and steal my identity. Anyway, I shred and my funny little girl took a spade and flung the bits all over herself yelling 'snow! snow!' Once she was fed up with that, she made a  pretend nest where she laid plastic ball eggs. There are by the way, a 100 balls in the bag so this bird was busy for a while.

This took care of most of the morning. Then we took out some paints and painted. Lunch time was easy. I made pasta in tomato sauce with cheese and veggies on the side, finishing with fruit. It went down a storm. The appetite is back...Yay for small mercies..

We played hide and seek in the house. It was a good idea as I could take a good amount of time to find Tara as she hid giggling in fabulous places like the clothes hanger.... with no clothes on it. A bit more playing of some fairy games, then bath time where I made her inhale some steam while she played in a warm bath. Then a hearty dinner of some chicken and vegetables. Now winding down time so some stories on audio cds while Mummy has a cup of tea.

A couple more hours and I can tuck her in ready for school tomorrow. School was created for a reason -- to preserve parents' sanity. And it's good that the kids get educated at the same time :-)

I love my Tara. She is the reason I don't crave love, money or material things. All I want is for her to be healthy and happy. I know the next bug is around the corner somewhere. I just need a couple of weeks to face it. I'm going to try 'new fun activity no. 3' which involves devoted daughter massaging Mum's aching neck and back. Sounds like a good idea to me. Not sure if Tara will buy it.

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