Thursday, 15 March 2012

Why does it hurt?

There is so much bad news around. There is death in every news report these days. Open a newspaper and there's some more. Shouldn't I be immune by now? Then why is the news report of the Belgian school children perishing in a coach crash hurting me so much? It's the second morning in a row when my eyes have welled up watching the news.

A child's death whether in our neighbourhood or any part of the world is enormously heart breaking. Death in any form is a huge loss, but a child is so innocent that reconciling to a loss of one is almost impossible. How a Mum walks the rest of their life without her innocent creation next to her is stuff that horror stories are made of.

I'm hurting inside, for every Mum out there who has ever lost a child. I won't dare attempt to console you. I will pray that you find whatever you need to carry on.

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