Friday, 6 April 2012

What is Drought?

Question : What is Drought?
Answer :  When human demand for water exceeds the available supply of water, it results in a Drought.

The severity varies from country to country, making us introspect about how we can attempt to acknowledge the sheer scale of suffering and sacrifice in our own small way.

A hose pipe ban has been introduced in some parts of the United Kingdom in the last few days. Drought has been declared. Below: the River Derwent (source

Sand and dry land as far as the eye can see. The rugged landscape strewn with the bones of cattle, dead zebra and other forms of life that once was. Some pictures too difficult to post here. I tried putting myself in this Mum's shoes for a second, and I  jumped right back out as the sheer scale of horror I felt at her helplessness. Below: a family in Somalia (source

A farmer and his means of survival, both on the edge. Many of the farming community in India have been driven to suicide as they are unable to provide sustenance to their families. This desperate act leaves behind vulnerable women and children with further consequences to face. Below: a farmer in India  (source

The Husband is out with Tara climbing rocks somewhere, while I'm supposed to be relaxing. How can I? My mind is racing faster than usual. After I finish cooking, I need to sit down and list out ways to save water. Will get Tara to help too. I try not to shield her from life and it's challenges, but given her age, I have to hold back as well.  There is a fine line between trying to make a child aware, all the while not frightening her with too much of stark reality. Age appropriate, that's important.

If anyone chances this post, do share it around...and don't forget to share ideas too! My next post will be a list of ways to save water. Do add your ideas to comments. I will put it all together and perhaps print it out for local libraries, schools etc. What do you think?

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