Thursday, 12 April 2012

Back to school on Monday

It's been a tiring but fun filled Easter break with my little one. The weather's been mixed bag but it gave us equal opportunity to do things indoors and outdoors.

Tara's a bit low about school opening on Monday. I always wonder if giving a child a fun filled, fully involved holiday makes going back to school just that bit more difficult. Maybe the last few days of a break should be so mind numbingly boring at home that going to school seems a better option. Hmmm...I'll stick with the former and risk a sad face for a day at the start of school. It doesn't last anyway. Once Tara gets into the routine again, she quite enjoys school.

Holidays are a marvellous opportunity to build memories that will be of great value to our children when they are older. No need to go abroad or even to a fancy resort or destination. Fun can be had, as I discovered in the boot of a car that can transform into a cave.; or the garden shed which can be the house the wolf can't huff and puff down. Strange potions can be mixed with a bit of water, pebbles and weeds, and fences can be painted with water and a sturdy paintbrush....many times over

I suspect I will be the one with a sad face when I drop Tara to school on Monday. But as I explained to her...It's only when we go to 'work' (school ) that we get to enjoy another holiday.

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