Monday, 16 April 2012

Hoppity-Skippity to school

School started today, and I was worried Tara may be sad or might miss me, or worse get clingy and cry.

Wrong...all wrong! Thank goodness. I never thought I'd be happy to see off  Tara to school. But when you see your child's face, with a half smile, eager with anticipation at seeing her classmates, wondering if the tadpoles grew to 'froglets', or what lessons they might have, you can only be proud and happy.

It didn't happen overnight. My earliest posts have saved for posterity, the trauma we both went through at the transition from home to school. But a few experiments and strategies paid off, and we are on our way!

Out of the car, bags in tow, Tara set of hopping and skipping, pulling at my arm, towards her school gate. Once in, she was off to join a group of girls, and chatted away animatedly. A quick wave, and I left. Relaxed and feeling free. I'm sure we will hit a rough patch sooner or later. That's life...up and down. If I can wallow in negativity in difficult times, surely I can learn to float when things are good!

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