Sunday, 8 April 2012

Of bunnies and flying reindeer

It's been questions galore all day yesterday...right through to bedtime...

"When will the Easter bunny come?"
"What colour is he?"
"Does he live in a burrow?"
"Will he know I've been good?"

And many, many more. Tara is excited it's Easter and is waiting to look for Easter eggs. This is like Christmas all over again and the questions about Santa and Rudolph and how big bottoms fit through small chimneys.

My own transition from wide eyed wonderment at fairies, feathered creatures, flying reindeer and present bearing chimney sliders to reality, had been trauma free and uneventful. I attribute that to my Mum. While she celebrated all festivities like egg hunting adventures, and decorations etc. she did not go on and on about the legends associated with these fun filled activities. So Mum was never responsible for shattered illusions. She kept us immersed in the fun part without dwelling on the 'hows' and 'whys'.

I'm treading a fine line here with Tara. Last year I over did the 'be good and Santa will get you presents' bit. This year I have hidden Easter eggs with chocolate paw prints and a map for Tara. She is barely four and a half and trusts me implicitly. Should I be weaving these tales for her? Maybe not. I am aware of how far I should go and for how long, and I will taper off these activities..slowly. Today I'm busy hiding Easter eggs and loving it!! I hope she does too.

Happy Easter everyone! 


  1. I still remember how excited I got when Santa or the Easter Bunny 'had been'. Those are some of my best childhood memories :) and I guess I just naturally grew out of it. No shattered illusions here.

    About the crown - do you have a printer? You could print out a template online and get Tara to colour it in?


    Enjoy :)

    1. Thanks Lara,

      Thank you so much for finding me this template. I can print it at my local library and have Tara colour/decorate it. We had a lovely time with the Easter eggs yesterday...and it continues today too! I can 'see' your face light up when you talk about your happy memories. That's why I feel it is important to 'create' these happy memories for our kids. Happy Monday!
      Love Ash