Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A bubble bursts

Someone just burst Tara's proverbial bubble yesterday.

"Mummy," she said, "Is it true that there is no real Mickey Mouse in Disneyland and some person is inside him?"

I looked at her, not knowing what to say in that instant. I searched every corner of my brain frantically and started, "Well...", and Tara smiled sadly and said, "Never mind Mummy."

There is more to come - Santa,  Easter bunny, Tooth fairy. I  just hope all of those bubbles burst at the right time, not any sooner. My Tara is a wise girl but her Mummy is not ready yet .


  1. thats so sad why would anyone do that!!! its down to us as parents to tell our kids wahts real and what isnt. i hope that when the time comes you have all the answers luckly i have a good few more years till i get to that stage

  2. Thank you..yes it should be up to parents to tell our children things, but school is a sobering place in so many ways. Like Tara says, "Nevermind.."