Sunday, 29 April 2012

Hide and Seek no more!

Lesson for self : When everything is going fine, don't get creative !

The Husband is away and won't be coming over this weekend, so I had laid out a weekend of Mum and Tara, in place of Papa and Tara. Our current "arrangement" involves me relinquishing all of Tara's playing to The Husband on weekends, and getting on with other things. I'm not complaining, and The Husband who craves his little princess all week, indulges her with his time and attention.

Back to yesterday. Everything was going fine with fairies floating in imaginary empty tissue box boats, painting of pistachio shells and milk bottles. (I know... I'm fantastic with play ideas that don't involve going to the toy store)

Then I suggested hide and seek...only in the downstairs area, involving one or maybe two rooms. No safety issues here. So we hid and found each other a few times, until it was my turn to hide and I decided to do a 'good' job of hiding this time, carefully camouflaging myself amongst the clothes on a clothes stand. Tara counted to 10... came in... looked around... couldn't find me, so she went to the other room, while I shouted, "Find me Tara!" She came back in, tried again for a few minutes, while I kept silent (Bad idea!!)

She found me a few seconds later, but instead of cheering, she collapsed in my arms and cried like she hasn't cried in ages. I was shocked. She said between gulps, "I thought you disappeared and I was alone..I was frightened Mummy." I was calm but silently debated how to react. I just hugged her and gently explained I was only hiding in the room. Louder wails filled the room, so I just cuddled her and reassured her I was right here.I waited for her to calm down ,then switched on the TV to distract her...Yes, I am aware of my 'limited TV viewing stand', but this situation needed special measures.

Situation under control..I wondered..What happened back there? My guess is :

1. A mildly unwell child
2. Child missing Papa
3. Mummy made boo-boo

Personally I vote for option 3. But all's well that ends with chocolate ice cream :-)

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