Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Teeth trouble

The last couple of days, while eating a biscuit or something else of a hard texture, Tara kept pointing to her upper tooth saying it felt funny. Luckily so far we have always had an all clear from the dentist during our annual check up. Tara has pretty decent teeth with no cavities or any other problems.

I left the matter be for a day or two. This afternoon waiting to pick up Tara outside her class I joined in the conversation of two Mums who were discussing their child's wobbling tooth. Now most kids in Tara's class will be six this year. My little one being August born has a few months to go before she is five. I wasn't ready to let go of her little teeth yet!

Apparently children start to feel discomfort in their teeth as the new adult teeth that are just forming, gently push upwards. My poor little baby. I was grateful there was a simple answer to her teeth trouble, but just a bit saddened that if it were her new teeth coming up, it was too soon!

I'll let the dentist decide. I must make that appointment.

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