Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Birthday party etiquette

Tara has never had a birthday party for friends before. We have celebrated her special day as a family, but now that she is in 'proper' school, I was toying with the idea of having her first party on her 5th birthday.

I want to invite all her classmates, as I don't like the idea of leaving any child out,  especially since young children can be quite cruel bragging about parties and who is invited or not. Tara doesn't brag...yet, mainly because she has never had a party before, but I think she is quite aware for her age about not hurting other's feelings. But things happen in a classroom. It also appears to be the case that most of the parents have invited all the children in class for most parties till date, so I think I should too.

Now, strange timing, but this afternoon one Mum was talking to a few other Mums giving them directions to her little boy's party this weekend. Tara wasn't invited. She didn't seem to mind and hasn't said a word about it to me. My knee jerk reaction was to feel a twinge of "feeling left out" on behalf of Tara..if that makes any sense. I got over it within the hour anyway :-)

There is so much that goes into planning a party especially for a novice like me. I am completely ignorant of children's party etiquette and how to go about things. Who to invite? What to do? When to do it? The cost..the list seems to go on and on.

It will all be worth it I hope. It will be Tara's first party and I want to make it special...just like her


  1. Hmmm I'm torn between hope she feels bad when you invite her son and, but what if she couldn't afford to invite all the kids. They are very expensive, I hear!

    1. Thank you for your thoughts. After the initial human reaction of feeling left out 'for' my child, I also felt there may be financial limitations...and even if there were none, it shouldn't matter in the larger scheme of things. Our circle of love is strong and well, and happy to include anyone who wants to be a part of it :-). love - Ash