Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Treasure vs Junk

While cleaning the living room yesterday, I noticed the hundreds of small 'treasures' that Tara had collected over the past two weeks.

I felt like scooping up the great big pile and throwing it straight in the bin. That wouldn't go down very well with Tara. So I wait till she is out of sight, then scoop up everything in a bag, and hide it in the shed for a week or two. If she doesn't miss it, it goes from the 'holding area' to the bin. If she does miss something I fish out that item and give it to her for a few days before it joins the rest of the pile again...hopefully

Luckily most of the treasure does end up in the bin and doesn't become a permanent fixture. Except a few things like the twig that's been sitting on my bedside table for the last two years. I quite like it now actually. It's like a low maintenance pet which does....nothing really.

Funny how something can be a treasure to one person and junk to someone else.  It's not the thing itself but the feelings and memories associated with it that make it what it is. It brought back memories of the many days of moping that were brought on by my Mum tidying my room and throwing away a jar of pebbles I had saved under my bed for what felt like ages.

Hence the 'holding area' in my shed. I can't handle many days of moping...not from an almost five year old.

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