Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Good vibrations!

Okay this is strange. I was missing Tara and not doing very much today, so I decided to browse the internet and look for new things to read. I came across a website that listed 'important' people who blog. I picked one at random, because I just happened to get good vibrations from it.

I read a few of the lady's posts, did not quite understand the context of many of the things she wrote about, but just felt compelled to read a bit more. What threw me completely was the sheer aura of confidence in her writing. What threw me some more were the comments of some people to her posts. Very strong would be an understatement. Is she a provocative writer? I don't know. Do people really feel so strongly about someone else's opinions even if they are not directed at them personally? Apparently yes!

The cyber world out there is indeed strange. Yet we 'put' ourselves out there. Why does one feel hurt when a perfect stranger, who is not even physically present attacks us or our words?  I should re frame that question. Does one feel hurt when attacked by a perfect stranger in the cyber world out there?

I put that to the lady. And I got a personal reply from her as follows :

"Ash...welcome to the cyber world. It is a jungle out there. Ignore them, stay calm and keep blogging!! "

First let me be honest here. I felt like a giggly school girl who has had a close encounter with a celebrity type person..lots of good vibrations felt..

Second, I was impressed by the lady's guts and ability to carry on even under such attack. Maybe she thrives on it. I wish her well. She is after all a woman who has made it in a cut throat world.

Me? I'm okay to remain Tara's Mummy blogger. I am very 'important' in my little girl's world at the moment. I have nice mummies 'visiting' me sometimes. They say hello, and sometimes pep me up if I'm feeling low. Anything louder than that, I may have to reach for my smelling salts..

Love to all ! 

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