Friday, 6 April 2012

Tips for saving water

1. Tara says, "No more baths." Well I agree. Instead of a bath, how about a short shower instead. Even better than a shower is to fill up a bucket with enough water and use a sponge/wash cloth and a rinse cup..or mug..or beaker type thing.

2. Turn off water when brushing teeth. Running water is wasted while we brush. So fill up those glasses and turn off the taps.

3. Do laundry sensibly with a full load.

4. Don't take too many clothes out all at once. Tara sometimes likes to wear trousers in the morning and a frock a while later if she has dropped something on herself. Nothing wrong with a bit of a smudge on clothes.

5. Don't wash the car too often. If the car needs to be cleaned, how about avoiding the hose pipe and using the good ol' bucket and sponge instead?

6. I know it's a bit of an ask with summer around the corner but how about reducing the water level in play pools.

7. Get a water saving device for the toilet flush.

8. Wash the fruits and veggies in a bowl instead of under running water.

9. Make sure taps are turned all the way so there are no wasteful drips.

10. Collect rain water in empty pails or containers.

11. Do you think someone could clean up some of the water in the oceans around this little island so it can be used?

Can't think of anything else yet but I'm sure we can find a few more ways...


  1. I read somewhere although never tried it myself that you can take a bucket into the shower to collect the water that is showering down and not being used, then re-use that water for other things, guess it depends on whether that water is dirty or not will depend what things you use it with. That is just an alternative, or opposite to your bucket in the shower option, for people who still want to feel the shower on them.

    1. Hello,
      Thank you visiting and for taking time to add your valuable comment. Tiny drops of water do make a mighty ocean :-)
      Best wishes and love