Saturday, 14 April 2012

Top 9 reasons for child not sleeping

These are my Top Nine reasons for kids/babies not sleeping well at night, alongwith possible solutions. Just couldn't think of another one to make it a nice neat Ten top reasons. Any new suggestions are most welcome.

1. Hungry
Solution : Feed them

2. Wet nappy/clothes
Solution : Change them. Tara could magically wet her outer baby clothes but have her nappy quite dry. Never figured out how she did it. Could be something to do with her sleeping position, with her crouched up with her bottom high in air. (Can't believe I never took a picture of that! It was the cutest sight ever, but I was petrified of waking her up after she had just slept.) Or maybe I was just a bad nappy changer. wasn't the only thing I was not good at!

3. Too Hot/Cold....(wrapped up in too many layers or covers slipped off )
Solution : Take off layers/cover with a blanket. Not a good idea to have a fan directly facing baby. Also not a good idea to have the window open if baby is near the window.

4. Nightmares
Solution : I was once told not to ever reach out and grab a child in the middle of a nightmare. It terrifies them more. Do things like gradually increase light in the corridor outside the room or other ways to get the child roused. When they are awake, comfort briefly, take them to the toilet, get a drink of water and tuck them straight back in. All this preferably without talking. Talking about 'it' in the middle of the night is not a great idea, as the child may become wide awake with the talk. With some luck they may not recall anything in the morning

5. Feeling unwell/coming down with something
Solution : Nothing to do I'm afraid. Using Calpol as a preventative measure, or to get the child to sleep is not a good idea.

6. Blocked nose
Solution : I must have tried every solution under the sun for this one. All during the day though. In fact I might write a separate post about it. But a cold must run it's course and a blocked nose just means bad nights for child and Mum.

7. Feeling insecure ...just want Mum
Solution : Mixed opinions on this one. Each to their own. I always comfort Tara. One night in bed with me will do her no harm. I feel it will only do her good. Mum's love is the purest forms of love. How on earth can it be bad for a child?

8. Needs burping
Solution : Burp them. I found sitting baby on my lap with the throat and neck resting lightly on my left palm forming a 'V', and lightly tapping her back helped gets burps out before tucking her in. Or else the good old over the shoulder back tapping.

9. Worst of the reasons...horror of horrors. Pinworms!
Solution : Back breaking to get rid of these. Medication, bottom cleaning, high levels of hygiene, for a long long long short cuts.

The important thing is to get the child comfortable and back to sleep as soon as possible to avoid a complete wake up- playing cycle that ruins the rest of the night's sleep.

Tara's sleep switch got turned on at 18 months, after which, all things remaining well she slept through the night. I cried that night. Pure joy!

Happy Nights Mums. It does get better. Hang in there..

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  1. Thanks for that hun, I was thinking of putting something like this pinned up in his nursery for nights like we had last night. He would not settle for hours, kept going in, tried feeding, burping, teething gel, dummy, etc nothing seemed to work until he finally fell asleep 2 hours later!