Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Help !! Thief !!

Remember the fresh fruits Tara and I bought at the local market? Well they're gone. The only pieces of evidence left behind are the piles of mango peels and a few broken plates on the table.

The thieves in this instance were a pack of monkeys. We never saw them around the house until the fruit arrived. After our tiring outing we had barely left the fruits on the dining table and gone into our rooms to cool down, when they made a feast of the mangoes, right there on the table. To top it all the monkeys rather maliciously cracked a few plates on the table and left.

I felt rather sad as my host calmly picked up the broken pieces of her fine plates, and asked Tara to be careful she doesn't cut herself on the fragments.

Typical Indian hospitality. Their guests come first, all else much later..

I have to go now as the mosquitoes are having a fine feast on my arms as I type..

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