Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Performing arts day

It was Performing Arts day at Tara's school. I was tempted to give it a miss, but better sense prevailed. I sat in the school hall and watched one performance after another, including my little Tara looking radiant and super sweet in her pink tutu as she danced happily with her classmates for a short song.

I must be getting old because I had tears welling up at the performances of all the children. What was I getting emotional about? There were no child geniuses rendering soul stirring performances. Far from it. Performances were at times out of tune, out of step and ill timed. But that was what my eyes saw, not what my heart felt.

My heart saw little children, putting their best effort, after days of practice, up there on the stage, vulnerable and some lacking in confidence but still carrying on. I saw a little girl her hand in her mouth and eyes on the floor throughout her dance, I saw another child forget her dance steps and collide with others on stage as she tried to find a space to fit in. I saw a shy little girl who stood in a corner every morning when I drop Tara off at school, now transformed...her face lit up and posture straighter than ever, lost in the dance she performed. A tall lanky boy, trembled as he played the piano, another's voice barely emerged as he sang a song.

I clapped and smiled for all. No other emotion showed on my face. The last thing a child needs is a pity filled face. They are brave little soldiers doing their best, and I for one was very impressed with them all.

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