Friday, 13 July 2012

Hello Tara

After I finished writing my previous post, I felt like saying hello to Tara. Not my little girl of today but my grown up girl whose eyes will be reading this record of her life in the future. And my eyes are filling up with tears after writing those two words.

Someone I know lost their only child - a four year old little girl in a horrific road accident two days ago. In a split second, the little girl let go of her Mum's hand and walked on to a road, only to be hit by a heavy construction vehicle. She had no chance, and was gone...just like that. Her mother saw her worst nightmare unfold before her eyes. I have been trying to avoid facing up to the horror of that. In fact I stop my mind from venturing anywhere near the scenario, as I would not be able to deal with it. The parents....heaven help them.

As parents we have dreams for our children. I don't mean dreams of them becoming doctors, architects or rocket engineers, though that would be nice :-) I mean more like our children growing up happy, content, self reliant human beings who enrich their own life experience on this planet, and ours by allowing us to be a part of it. Those dreams for our children become the focal point of our life.

If I had one wish today it would be that no parent outlive their child. There are many more important things to wish about, but just for today that would be my wish.

Tara, your Mummy was an ace problem solver, (usually) and you are a part of me. When you were four and a half years old, one of your favourite stories used to be how you were born out of Mummy's egg, in my tummy. You laughed aloud when I enacted how you kicked inside me. You always said you grew from me, so you would be just like me. It gave you great security and satisfaction when you heard that story because in your eyes, Mummy was a rock who could do anything, and you being "just like me" made you feel powerful too.

I love you Tara. When you are grown up and read this, I hope you realize that your Mummy loved you more than anything or anyone else. Use that love to be your strength and guide you through any situation or challenge in life.

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