Thursday, 19 July 2012

Jet lagged and disoriented

I'm in India. It is green and beautiful...a bit humid but warm. The "koel" bird sings all day long. After initial admiration Tara said, "Now, it is irritating me!" So much for appreciating Nature :-)

Our flight two days ago was horrendous. The cabin was too hot and and that inevitably makes Tara ill. Poor little girl did her best not to vomit and was miserable during our 11 hour ordeal.As we landed at the airport in India, she vomited all over the floor, and apologized promptly to the officer in charge. Poor thing. Once in an ice cold air conditioned car she felt a bit better and we were whisked off by our concerned hosts who came to pick us up at an ungodly hour, around 4:00 am.

We reached our destination after another hour of driving. Tara was not in good shape but being very good for a child so exhausted and sleep deprived. I quickly settled her in bed and turned the room air conditioner on immediately. We slept till noon the next day not quite clear headed.

Two days later I made it to the computer, to post my thoughts.

Must go to bed now, so I can string together some coherent words.

By the way, The Husband didn't get the job. He is very hurt and upset as am I. But we each put on a brave show for the other. I could wring the neck of his employers who sucked him dry, and pulled the carpet from under his feet just when he needed a steady foothold in life.

I'm still not cursing fate or destiny.

I still feel the job best suited for us is around the corner. Better get to sleep now..

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