Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Job interview

It's finally happened, not according to plan but it has happened. The Husband has been called for a job interview next week.

I am relieved that The Husband finally has the elusive interview. On the other hand, we were all booked for a family holiday abroad, and now Tara and I are going without The Husband, flying out a day before his interview. What does that make me? A few words come to mind. Selfish, crazy, etc. etc. I would offer 'practical' as an option. Our tickets are of the non refundable, non changeable types, and it's a known destination full of familiar places and faces so we decided to travel. The Husband, by the way is insisting we go.

Maybe I give myself too much credit. Maybe he will have better luck without me around, or at least less stress seeing me trying to make everything comfortable and better. Maybe all this self talk will make me feel less guilty and focus on Tara and the new experiences that lie ahead of her.


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