Sunday, 15 July 2012

We miss him already :-(

So The Husband transported us to London like a good responsible Dad/Husband. We are staying in London for a day or two before our onward flight out. He drove back to our home, looking low at the thought of being away from us. Once there he will sort a few things out and then drive another few hours to his place of work.

The Husband is hoping to get a few extra hours of work to be able to save some money. He also has a job interview soon. What a life the man has! I always believed it is my holding back and hoping for a job where we live now, that has been a Karmic impediment to The Husband getting a permanent job anywhere. The Buddha once said, if you chase something it will always be a step ahead of you. But if you wish for something, stop chasing, and release that wish to the Universe to fulfil, it will come true.

Seeing him leave today something inside me shifted. I am now fully resolved to blindly follow him, set up my nest again, and support him in his efforts to keep us afloat, day in and day out. Tara will be devastated at leaving her school and home she loves so dearly behind, but it is my job to teach her how to overcome these life changes and still emerge the better for it.

Watching The Husband drive away, alone, I let go...I am now open to the Universe to bring into my life all the things we need to keep our family together.

It will happen. Watch this space

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