Friday, 6 July 2012

First Report Card day.

A year has almost passed since my just-turned-four year old toddled into her classroom. Tara always hated being the youngest. She found courage in her little heart and gave it her best. There were many tears, months of adjustment, upheavals, until finally she settled into her happy routine, more or less.

Today was report card day. In my eyes my little one had done very well, so it was only a piece of paper that I went to collect in that sense. From another point of view it was a very important piece of paper. The feeling I got was similar to the one parents might have when they give away their daughter's hand in marriage. How strange! What a comparison. But that's how I think I felt. Happiness tinged with sadness, pride and hope for a better future for my Tara.

With that report card in hand I was handing my daughter over from her baby year to year one. A new step, a new direction, the start of many steps she has to climb in life. So what did her report card say?

Tara achieved all the set goals, and was above average in some areas. She was even recognized as "gifted" in music and art. What summed it all up for me was the comment by her class teacher. "Tara is a little girl, but very mature for her age."

She may be "gifted" according to her teacher, but she is the best "present" a Mum could have ever dreamt of receiving. For that I thank the Universe.

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