Friday, 13 July 2012

Last day of school

Life goes full circle.  started writing this blog when Tara started her reception year. It's been a wonderful year, with our share of challenges, and the satisfaction of overcoming those challenges, and emerging all the better for it.

Today I dropped Tara off at a local church for an end of year school performance. After that they go back to school for a party with games and dancing. Tara has been very excited. At bedtime Tara couldn't wait for morning to arrive. She asked me at least six times if I had set the alarm for the morning, just in case I'd forgotten and we missed the whole day.

There is nothing more satisfying than a child raring to go to school, and nothing more heart breaking than a child who doesn't like to go to school. I think a child's attitude towards the school going experience depends on three major factors :

1. The child and their personality. Something not in anyone's control
2. The home environment and inputs from parents in preparing the child for school
3. The school and every member of staff from the Head to the dinner lady and the cleaner.

It is a matter of great luck...even a blessing to have all three factors slot into place.

I have to say I am emotional at the thought of picking up Tara this afternoon. I'm sure she will be fine..I'm not so sure about me. I have no regrets about the way Tara is growing up. I don't miss or dwell on the years gone past or worry much about what lies ahead for her. I just love being with my Tara in the present.

Tomorrow we travel..

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