Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I love lists

I really love lists. First the making of the list, very relaxing. Consigning the contents of the brain on a list liberates me. The said list works best on paper, though off late I have been leaning a bit too much on the iPhone calendar. Writing on the list with a top quality pen or well sharpened pencil is of course vital.

Once the list is drawn, and a cup of tea had, it's the thrill of completing each task and ticking the list that is extremely satisfying.

Halfway through task completion, a good list maker realizes that a messy list with scribbles alongside is no good. It must be re-done with only the remaining tasks listed. A few more tasks can be added at this point, and another cup of tea downed.

On with the tasks, till every one of them is done. Mission completed...Satisfaction, followed quickly by a dip, a strange feeling. The kind of feeling one gets when a wonderful vacation ends. A cup of tea to regroup, and start all over again.

With all my travelling, before and after I had Tara, my list was a life saver. Travelling with a baby is challenging to say the least. So I created a master checklist on my computer that included every object I needed, big or small. The list was printed before any trip, and it saved me a lot of time and stress. As the years pass many items have been deleted from the list.

I love lists.

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