Thursday, 2 August 2012

Birthday Party no. 2.

Tara had her "real" birthday party in India....again..

After the extravaganza back at home, I thought that woud be it. But here in India when people got wind of the fact that it was Tara's birthday, they pulled out all the stops and we had birthday party no. 2...with a difference.

A custom made ball gown was made to order....Cinderella style. When I say ball gown, I mean a real ball gown. There were fittings and adjustments till it was just perfect. Then there were the decorations..breathtaking. The food..scrumptious..and the guests from around the place, excited and exuberant. The party kicked off with a magic show with Tara playing magician assistant to her delight. Then there was food and drink, dancing till the little one's dropped, loads of presents and Tara barely changing her clothes before she dropped off to sleep without as much as opening a single present.

What a day..

Tara did mention the small matter of party number 3 for her beloved father who missed the whole event. Hmmm.

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