Sunday, 8 July 2012

Rain, and more rain

I'm almost embarrassed to say I love the rain. With all the damage and devastation, and in some countries, the loss of life that the rain and ensuing floods have caused is shocking.

The fury of Nature. I'm not enough of an authority to say that human activity is the cause of this strange weather. They may well be, or maybe not. No one has lived long enough to experience the changing mood of Planet Earth.

Logic and reasoning aside, all I can see are fellow human being suffering, some due to incessant rains others through drought. With all the scientific breakthroughs and Higgs bosons being discovered, why can't the great minds figure out a way to channel excess water to the drought ridden areas? I know it's a silly question, but I'm feeling quite low at the moment.

Tara's school shuts on Friday and on Saturday we travel, to the other side of the world. A new perspective, more learning, more astonishment, more surprises.

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