Monday, 23 July 2012

Bugs Shmugs...!!!

This morning Tara and I woke up full of energy and enthusiasm. Covered in mosquito repellant I took Tara in an ice cold air conditioned car to the local markets. We bought some fresh fruits, looked at some small market stalls, bought a few inexpensive things, then hopped back in the car where our poor driver was frozen stiff, unaccustomed to the low temperatures of our air conditioning.

He told us about a temple nearby and Tara seemed enthusiastic. So off we went, Tara kneeling on the back seat looking out the rear window. Seat belt laws in India are pretty lax, but the traffic flow is so random that speeds beyond second gear are few and far between.

We reached the serene place surrounded by monsoon fresh greenery. We were almost alone since it is school time and most families are busy at work or school. We admired, wandered around the peaceful surroundings then succumbed to the mid day temperature and headed home.

A lovely day for Mummy and daughter..

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