Thursday, 2 February 2012

Looking after number one.

Its strange how priorities change over time. I speak from a woman's point of view, not every woman but my own view as a woman, if that makes sense.

I have always tried to be healthy as a young child, a teen, as a young adult, and now as Mum. The goal was to be healthy and active but now the reason has changed. When I was single and young, I wanted to be healthy for myself, so I could live life to the fullest. After Tara came along, I want to ensure I am fine, mainly so I can be fit and capable, to look after her.

So is Tara more important than I am?

Its hard to explain this. Some people argue that deep down it's an instinct of self preservation. They believe a child that's grown out of your body is actually a part of you. A part that is a legacy of your physical body, that ensures you 'go on', so you nurture it.

Sometimes, I reflect on what would happen to Tara if I die today. It is amazing to realize that the fear I have is not of my dying, but what would happen to my child if I were to die. I want Tara to be grown up, self sufficient and in a loving environment. To achieve that I have to look after myself, physically and emotionally.

I'm no research expert, I'm just Mum, and I have to look after my whole family. In each of our well being lies the well being of the others. I guess we are all number one. 

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