Monday, 30 January 2012

The Husband's going away... to work

So The Husband has one more week at home before he goes away to another city to work. It will soon be Tara and I. Even though The Husband works long hours and rarely makes it in time to tuck Tara in, at least we know he's home. This feels different. A bit scary I might add.

Its only for 6 months at the moment, but if he gets a permanent position we will move up to be with him. A bit scary...again. But do-able.

Times are tough and I really am grateful he has a job at the moment. So Tara has to manage without Papa for a while.

The only thing permanent in life is Change. I'm trying to be philosophical because I don't know how to find stability in this situation. I'm the sort of person who likes to have everything down to a T. Not knowing doesn't rest well with me.

A few months will give us a clearer picture. We have discussed it and come to a conclusion. Anything for Tara, and we mean it.

Love you my pickle!

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