Friday, 10 February 2012

Pain in the bottom..literally

So Tara has been complaining of a pain in her bottom area for a week now. I must admit I didn't pay too much attention as I had been dealing with her cough, blocked nose, etc.

Yesterday having heard an uncharacteristic squeal during her potty I asked her what the matter was. Tara explained that her tummy hurt when she went to potty. Now from a child's point of view 'tummy' covers a large part of the body. So I pointed to various areas and asked her if it hurt there. She bent over double, looking through her legs and pointed her finger to the middle of her bottom. After that acrobatic display, I decided a closer inspection was needed.

After the pin worm episode a few months ago, I shudder at the thought of dealing with them again. Luckily it wasn't that. On examination I saw a tiny cut at the bottom of the anal opening. Quite tiny but enough to cause Tara pain when passing her bowel motion. I put some Vaseline on it and tucked her in bed.

There is always something going on with children. The day or two when nothing happens seems to be the calm before the storm. So today I will have to look into sorting this out.

Tara's school shuts for a week now so I need to get equipped for that too. Bad weather and Tara, indoors, with a scratched bottom is not a good combination.

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