Friday, 17 February 2012

Which is worse?

I can't decide which is worse. Not sleeping for 48 hours on the trot looking after a sick child, or watching your little child burning with fever while she struggles to breathe, coughing violently every five minutes. No end in sight here. Im just worried that my nose feels bunged up this morning. I cannot afford to fall ill. The Husband is worried, and will try to drive back to us overnight.

The doctor had taken some samples for testing and Im awaiting the results to see what's going on. My mind tells me its just another viral that kids have that seems to last a century. My body says I don't care what it is, it just needs to get away from us and give us both a break!!

I know its normal for children to fall ill, but weeks at a time seems too much. I'm tired. I miss my mum..I need a hug

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