Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Will you be there?

My daughter will soon be five years old. She has a million questions, and many fears and concerns. As a Mum I have to be honest, but age appropriate. As she gets older life's harsh realities will dawn on her willingly or unwillingly. Until then I want to spin a cocoon of love around her so if life does give her a few bumps, she will have some protection around her.

At the school gate we saw a Mum turn and walk away after leaving her screaming child with a teacher in the school grounds. It tore my heart apart as memories re-surfaced. The only difference is that I chose not to walk away after leaving Tara at school, instead choosing to sit down with my child and explain to her why I was leaving, and when I would be back. It was my choice, and I happened to have the luxury of time with me, as I was not rushing off to work or to look after other children. Inspite of doing all that I remember just three months ago sitting slumped behind my car's steering wheel, my heart breaking as I left.

What the other mother chose to do is just that, her choice, her circumstances, her style of parenting, suited to her child. I'm not prepared to judge or comment on her. But Tara saw all of it, and turned to me with a grave expression and said, "Mummy will you be there for me always and forever, even when I am a hundred years old?"

I bent down and gave her a tight hug and said that Mummy's love stays with her child forever and ever and ever. It's the truth that I want to believe in and hope is real. I feel my parents love in my heart even when they are thousands of miles away.

Luckily love knows no boundaries and has no limits.

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