Saturday, 18 February 2012

Sore nose solution

Amidst all this illness, especially a bad cold, the most frustrating thing that happens is when Tara's nose gets red, sore and cut on the outside. This causes pain and makes it even more difficult, especially when trying to clear her nose by making her blow her nose.

The doctors advise that the nose must be cleared either with a suction device or by blowing out for older children. My Tara won't have any suction device near her nose, and I never found it useful even when she was a baby, so we go down the route of spraying saline and blowing out in a tissue. This often makes her nose red, and very sore in a day or two.

What I discovered of tremendous use, is using a chapstick on the outside of her nose all day (and night) long. It made a world of difference. Instead of a day or two, I get at least a week of uncut nose to work on. I just use the pink one from Boots. Nothing fancy but it works best, and we throw it out after the illness has passed.

This morning Tara's congested cough remains but the frequency has gone down. We also had her blowing out yellow thick mucous, with little streaks of blood. Its gone yellow and thick after three days. Progress maybe? Just worried about sending her to school on Monday.

Just cannot get hold of a doctor today. But The Husband is here, and I can hear happy playing sounds from downstairs. Maybe it's not so bad after all. I always say that. And then a few more weeks down the line, I end up getting an antibiotic prescription for a chest infection. Why is it that I can't get it right and get her treated before she goes all the way down? Is it because I never ask for antibiotics? Am I causing Tara suffering because I wait and watch too long? I don't know. I follow the doctor's advice and do believe that they are the experts. Then how is it that we always end up with antibiotics after a few weeks?

Too much confusion...I need a rest..

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