Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Everyone's talking about...

Everyone is talking about the Oscar awards these last few days, and the Bafta awards before that. It made me wonder, when I'd last seen a movie....properly. It's been a good few years.

Back in the 'good ol' days' I was the first to jump at the opportunity of meeting up with friends and doing fun things. After having Tara, excuses started cropping up, and eventually I stopped going out to do what I considered to be fun at one time. Blame it on tiredness, more work than two hands can handle, or prioritising The Husband and Tara's needs amongst others.

Don't get me wrong...I'd not a sad lonely person. I'd rather do what I'm doing now than anything else. It's just that I have many acquaintances now and a couple of friends. The many old friends I had are not around these days. People move on. Time and tide wait was none is a very true expression.

Still, when the Mums at the gate discuss the winning expressions of Meryl Streep and the clothes the actors wore at the Oscars, I do feel a bit of an ignoramus.  Did I become lazy? Or did I grow out of old habits and people? Will I be a lonely person once Tara grows up and goes away? Who knows. I'm at peace today give or take a few crazy days and nights. The future will bring it's own surprises and shocks. I'd rather be what I want to be today.

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