Thursday, 23 February 2012

Hoping for normalcy

This morning I woke up and just wanted my household back to how it used to be. Tara got out of bed grumpy and frowned at me when I started her morning routine. Not a good start, but things steadied themselves and she is now at school.

I had a quick word with her teacher yesterday and asked her if anything happened at school with Tara or around her. She looked puzzled and said that everything was fine. Last night we had a couple more skirmishes at home but I was better prepared. Before going to bed Tara wanted to hug me for a long time. I slowly asked her why she was so angry, and if there was anything she wanted to tell me. She said there was nothing. All choked up she asked me if I would throw her out of the house.

I held her close and explained that just as I reward her good behaviour, I would sometimes not reward bad behaviour, perhaps even take away rewards. I assured her that I always love her, but sometimes do not like her behaviour. I stressed the difference between 'her' and 'her behaviour'. Lastly I said I would never dream of throwing her out of the house.

Tara seemed reassured and fell asleep again. She slept well all night but woke up in a bad mood again.

My money is still on the effects of antibiotics or maybe The Husband moving away for work has had an impact on her? 

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