Sunday, 5 October 2014

PMS or PMDD or XYZ or whatever you call it

You can call it by any name you want, but when it strikes, you alone know what it feels like. It begins, barely subsides for a while, then begins again. You want to be left alone, and when you are you feel no one cares. You are like an enraged serpent, coiled and ready to spring.

Safe to say its not a good thing to experience. Ive just woken up today on the other side. It was particularly severe this time. I am only thankful that I still hear that faintest voice of consciousness at the back of my head that lets be know that Im in "the grip" right now. The voice doesn't provide any relief, relaxation or suggestions to ease the mental agony. But I hear it and endure the suffering till the days pass and there is some relief...until it strikes again...month after month.

It doesn't help that there is no cure. Maybe there is not much funding or research done to find a cure for this condition. After all there are many other life threatening ailments out there that warrant humanity's time and brains.

I used to hate getting my monthly period when I was younger. Now I pray it arrives and gives me relief from this little understood condition that virtually destroys one half of your existence and impacts on the innocent bystanders in your life who love you, who stand by and bear your harshness, waiting as I am, for the storm to pass.

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