Friday, 17 October 2014

Grammatical Gremlins

Life was chugging along. Then Tara, all of seven years says, "Mummy I need more Conjunctions in my sentences, and I also need to be more Adverbial".


I'm okay-ish when it comes to writing or speaking English, but I have to say after all these years Im more instinctive, rather than technical when it comes to my Grammar. Suddenly I have to know my Nouns from my Pronouns, my Interjection from my Conjunction- and that's only English. I know that 7+3 is the same as 3+7, but now I have to know that its called the Commutative property of addition.


Excuse me, while I find time to study. Im just a Mum/Wife Person who only, probably, drinks lots of tea between being a Driver, Bill and Paperwork Sorter, Household shopper, Cook, Cleaner, Laundry/Ironing Person, Teacher, Nurse, Night Nanny, Gardener, Problem solver...etc etc..

Update: Day 8/365.."No shouting" resolve ASTONISHINGLY intact today.

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