Monday, 6 October 2014

Wrong choice

Most Mums know this...most Dads get it after a while.

Tara and I spent a quiet Sunday morning pottering about with paints, papers and brushes. At the end of our session we did what we always do with the left over paint. We made a "finch" each. For those not too familiar with the "finch", it involves folding a paper in half, dripping paint on one half, closing the other half, rubbing it, and finally re-opening the folded paper to reveal wonderfully colourful patterns. It is strangely very therapeutic..try it if you haven't.

So we finished our finches and let them dry out. Later that afternoon I came into the room to find Tara asking The Husband to choose which one looked better. The Husband picked mine. Wrong choice. Tara said "Oh" softly, then wandered off to another room blinking hard. It all happened in a split second. I didn't have time to get behind Tara and gesticulate wildly to The Husband as to which one he should pick. He looked baffled and hurried after Tara who tried her best to be all grown up as she faced the reality of her Papa picking someone else over her. After a lot of cuddles she emerged, this time with two painted masks. She faced The Petrified Husband with another choice. This time his frantic gaze met mine and I signalled to her work of art, which he then proceeded to pick. Tara softly said "Oh, Mum told you to pick that," and walked away again. The Husband looked totally baffled again. He should have had enough practice dealing with women by now.

Many cuddles and cakes later, life was normal again. 

The Husband was as confused as he always is,
Tara learnt some valuable life lessons and
I'm still wondering how The Husband couldn't figure out the difference between art done by a 7 year old and a much older adult. The difference is obvious. I will post pictures to prove it.

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