Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Drat and fiddlesticks!!

I was glued to my computer researching our Disney holiday for so long, that my eyes turned a peculiar shade of red. It was all worth it as in the end I managed to pull the proverbial rabbit out of my hat...or so I thought.

After more permutations and combinations than I would care to execute under normal circumstances, I found the right holiday, at the right price, (give or take a few credit card swipes), and valiantly proceeded to book and pay my deposit. Good ol' Virgin Holidays took me right to the point of payment, then threw me out of their website. When I clambered back on to the website, the price had increased beyond my already creaking limit.

I called the helpline, especially since a deposit amount had been taken from my credit card. They hemmed and hawed and after fleecing me for more money by putting me on hold on their telephone line, said they could do nothing about it. Their  I.T. department said that at the precise moment ...yes the split second when I pressed "pay", their flight prices went up........hence the problem. Pregnant silence followed on both ends of the phone line.

I burst out laughing. I was disappointed and amused. I didn't proceed with the new booking obviously, and crawled away to soothe my stiff fingers which had been hammering the keyboard for many hours now.

It's true what they say about luck. When it favours some people, it favours them no matter how improbable the situation. On the other hand there are others who never feature in Lady Luck's radar... for miles...

Still, I favour my own hands and abilities over fickle Lady Luck's company....always have...always will....

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