Monday, 20 October 2014

Where is the good news?

Every morning as I make myself a cup of tea, I try to catch up with the news before I start my day's work. I am fed up with the news these days.

If it's not natural calamities, it is humans at their barbaric best, or a new virus threatening to finish us all off (just in case we didn't all do it ourselves). Sporting icons in the dock, wobbly financial markets, doom and gloom as far as the eye can see. Im not in denial, but I am quite fed up with the goings on in our world.

My brain has been in knots trying to comprehend mass and gravity, weak force from strong force, Higgs from Bosons, and symmetry versus multiverse. What I ultimately decided is that, in this vast..enormous...unexplained universe or multiverse, our Earth, and the life on it is unique. We have every reason to treasure our planet and preserve it for as long as we can. But the way things are at the moment, it's not looking too good for Team Earth.

I would love to see a news programme everyday that shows only good news stories. Scientific breakthroughs about the new super foods - cakes and chocolates, Afforestation success, Coverage on Food Day-when no person on earth goes hungry, Triple breakthrough drugs to cure cancer, diabetes and the common cold, Superman turns up for real and prevents avalanches and floods...

I hope the world wakes up and get its act together soon. This Mum wants her Tara to watch the news when she is a bit older...News today won't just won't.

Day 9/365 going strong..not a shout in sight

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