Thursday, 11 September 2014

Clubs, Meetings and such like

Yesterday is over and done with. Tara came back from school and there was no sign of any residual trauma (for her I mean) after the playground incident. I'm fine too..thanks for asking :-)

Sometimes I wonder if she hides things and suffers in secret. It is a possibility because I am like that. But unlikely. Maybe Tara is learning how to take things in her stride and focus on the positives of her school life.

The last few days are full of joining new clubs and having "very important meetings." Tara has joined the computers after school club and sewing. Nice and diverse. I had my reservations about the computers what with online chatting, cyber bullying etc. I did voice my concern to Tara's teacher who reassured me that it was all very basic and offline. Now needles flying around in the sewing club are something else, but I didn't dignify that with any further grey cells of worry.

The children are also being asked to put forward their interest in joining the School Council. Very important stuff, and Tara is thinking about it.

I have an extra hour this afternoon with the after school club. Todays is supposed to be my "easy- day", but I don't know how to....relax that is. So I guess it is a good time as any to complete some paperwork  -  shredding old statements, filing new utility bills and new statements.

Out with the old, In with the new..Looks like Autumn is here.

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