Tuesday, 14 October 2014

I'll tell you later

Day 5/365. I had a few moments yesterday (nipped in the bud Im proud to say), when Tara decided to have "question-time" in the car as I negotiated flooded roads and crazy traffic, on the way to her swimming lesson.

"Mummy, is there a man-eating shrimp loose in the rivers?"

"Mummy, why does an itch...itch?"

..and so on...Good questions, some of them, but not the right place or time, (from my point of view). I am guilty like so many other Mums of saying, 'I'll tell you later" but never actually get around to answering those all important questions that perplex a young mind. Then we wonder why our kids go elsewhere to find out about things. I had made a half hearted effort, and asked Tara to write down questions she wanted answering in a notebook. The plan was that we could look at the notebook together later

The book had three questions in it before it got lost, and I only remembered today. That's not good enough. Today I will recover the book. There is no such thing as "later" in a busy Mum's life. "Later" usually means, it probably won't happen, and that's just not good enough.

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