Sunday, 12 October 2014

Thank god for uneventful days

3/365 - check !! Early days to rejoice over the uneventful Rage-Radar.

Ive resolved not to shout for one year. Its a serious resolve, and Im usually good at resolve keeping as I don't resolve often. Ive been scouring the internet to look at anything that can help me reach the 365th day relatively successful.

I came across something call Bach's Rescue drops. Fully natural and it states firmly to take 4 drops when you need emotional rescuing. Now this is interesting. I have to be the one to decide when I need emotional rescuing. Too much responsibility. Im almost tempted to take 4 drops right now...maybe not. It costs money to get this tiny bottle with not many drops in it. I will wait another 10 days or so when I will probably be taking swigs not delicately dispensing 4 drops.. :-)

Any other suggestions from anyone who accidentally walks through this blog will be welcome :-))

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