Saturday, 11 October 2014

Baby steps

They say it takes 21 days to kick a bad habit. Day 2 of 365 passed yesterday with no shouting from me. Woo-Hooo..It's early days and I did turn to chocolates often.. but its steps..

The Husband has been walking around with a grey cloud over his head. Partly because of work pressure, but mostly because he can't handle the fact that he reduced his beloved princess Tara to tears at dinner time, simply by saying firmly, "Tara, you must listen to your Mummy, I will be very disappointed if I find out you didn't listen to her."

That's it??? That's all it took to reduce her to a blubbering mess??? I get big loose lidded, round eyed stares from Tara when Im giving her a telling off much worse than that 'non-telling off' she got from her father! I also get imaginary particle chewing, eyes rolling, humming, feet tapping under the dinner table etc. etc. But no sobbing...Anyway..I was exactly the same with my Mum and Dad so why complain now. What goes around comes around.

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