Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Dual Carriageway

On the way to school as we waited at a traffic light, Tara said, "Mummy, I always thought a dual carriageway is the road the Queen takes to travel, but I now know it's not true." The vision of Her Majesty sweeping past us every morning, waving her tilted hand, and saying, "How do you do..." made me chuckle, and Tara joined in when I told her what I was thinking about.

As I pulled away towards school I said it may be true, because I'm the Queen of our house, and Tara the princess. We do drive down the dual our Car-riage. So what if it's not sparkly or drawn by horses. That made Tara happy. It's the last day of school before half term. Tara is tired and has been complaining of aching muscles and exhaustion.

After school Tara will have a long unhurried soak in a warm bubble bath with her mermaid toys before we settle down to a lovely dinner, followed by another shout free (day 11) lazy evening spent doing whatever her heart desires, before going to bed with freshly ironed pink sheets.

Sounds pretty royal to me.. :-)

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