Friday, 10 October 2014

A new vacuum cleaner

Its day 2/365 of my "no shouting" pledge.

It's no surprise that the shouting and restlessness subsides as my monthly period departs. I will try and keep it together.

My 12 year old Dyson vacuum cleaner collapsed a few days ago. It was green and purple and weighed almost as much as me. I distinctly remember The Husband picking it out from the shop. I wasn't too involved in the decision, as I believed any vacuum cleaner would be fine as long as it does the job. Wrong. For years I struggled under the weight of this monster, as I battled through the house exhausted just holding up this giant.

The Husband was very meticulous as he analysed the various specifications and suction capacities of the models available. Till he found this very manly machine. Im sure he's regretted buying it as well. It must be annoying being an assistant vacuum cleaner to your puny wife who keeps asking you to carry the manly machine up and down the stairs.

So this time, we went to the store, and The Husband silently stepped back, offering no advice, analysis or suggestions. I looked around and found what I wanted. Another Dyson..only smaller and lighter...much lighter.

Tara is happy that its purple,
The Husband is happy that the machine is called an "Animal", (manly enough for him to use)
I'm happy that I can now clean my house independently, upstairs and downstairs.

I used my Dyson Animal today. With powerful rollerball technology, all surface suction power and such like, it sucked away the dust, allergens, micro creatures etc. I felt good. Working with the new machine also helped me clear some cobwebs from my mind. My world doesn't feel so messy today.


  1. What a shame about your old vacuum, but I am glad you got to find the vacuum that worked best for you. Great to hear that your husband took a step back and let you find the exact one you wanted and needed. Also, the name works great for the husband, color perfect for Tara, and a great size for you.

  2. Thank you for reading :-)

  3. I find vacuuming therapeutic as well. I'm glad you were able to find something that made everyone content. That's usually a hard find. A compact vacuum that does the job of a monster machine and captures all of the dust and allergens in its tracks! I think I'm sold on the Dyson Animal. Happy Vacuuming!