Thursday, 11 October 2012

I just want Mummy..Waaahhh...!!

So that's what happened when I went to pick up Tara at 5:30 pm after her 2 hour session at school aftercare. I was very shocked when she came racing into my arms sobbing. I looked up at the teacher who also looked quite shocked. Tara hugged me, was quiet all the way home, perhaps slightly embarrassed.

I said we would talk at home. At home there was more cuddling and sniffing. At the end of my fact finding I concluded that:

a) Two hours was a bit too long for first time aftercare
b) I discovered that all was going well until the other children's parents picked them up - some at 5:00 pm others at 5:15 pm, leaving only Tara and another child alone in school with their teacher.

I was under the impression that everyone left together but was wrong. Shivers ran down my spine when I remembered what my school felt like devoid of children - scary and ominous. Maybe Tara felt the same way. I told Tara that she chose to go to aftercare, and she didn't have to. But if she did want to go again, I could pick her up sooner.

Tara took a while to settle down yesterday. Luckily her spirits soared when her Papa walked through the door to sort out his car issues. He was there this morning to take her to school and again this afternoon to pick her up in his new (second hand) car and play with her afterwards. He will go back early morning tomorrow, and not be back this weekend.

It might be a long weekend. :-(

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