Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Harvest Festival

It was the Year 1 Harvest festival today. I feel like a veteran after one year of watching Tara on stage. I still remember how my eyes filled up with tears the first time I saw Tara perform in her slightly too long school uniform.

Today was different. I was tired, not teary, just not enthused at the whole affair. I smiled and nodded at Tara who looked exhausted but did her part very well. It must be her teeth troubling her, and of course the exhaustion that accompanies kids near half term. The good news is that Tara's Papa has a week off for half term. This weekend is a birthday party, and I plan to get Tara;s ears pierced. (gulp) It's just got to be done, better sooner than later. Someone's got to inherit all my lovely jewellery :-)

I must remember to have everyone rested, fed and watered. I must also remember to keep my temper in check and not shout.

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