Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Tara had been counting down to Halloween since....last Halloween.

She was excited all day, inspite of the pouring, incessant rain. At 6:30 pm, wrapped up warm, she stepped out with The Husband in her ghost costume with her Disney basket and pink wellies, to go trick or treating in the rain. This year was different. People opened doors and gave a coin or some sweets. This year also saw the little ones out at around 6:30 pm, (nice and early), and the absence of teenagers pounding on doors after 9:00 pm. I wondered why? Whatever the reason it felt nice

I reciprocated and handed out sweets to many little ones, their excited faces wet in the rain but happy, priceless smiles shone through. Tara returned with her basket of sweets, content and wet.

There were many Monsters out and about today, but none compared to the worst of the lot - me. I am a prisoner to my rage and snappiness. Ten or so days to my period and I am an out of control freak. The Husband's constant connection to his various gadgets, from twitter to his ipad have been my trigger point this time. I wanted half term to be about family, with each other in the real sense but I cannot get past all the icrap surrounding our lives these days. It brings me to boiling point to see him glued to some device every minute of the day. It's a modern addiction and I can't stand it.

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